Top 5 ways to increase the brain power

Top 5 ways to increase the brain power: Hello friends Ithink very few people know about the incredible power of our brain. Friends you can do any things with your brain. You can make any impossible work into possible by using your brain power. So today i am going to share about some ways through which we can increase our brain power.


Top 5 ways to increase the brain power 

Increase brain power

1. Take a proper rest

Rest is very  important for our brain. Because rest refreshes our brain and gives new energy to our brain. It will make our brain more energetic and fresh due to which our thinking capacity will be increased and increased our brain power.


2. Try to remember the phone numbers of everyone

It is really a very effective process. if you need to call anyone then dial their number by yourself not by save contacts. suppose you call 10 peoples approx in a day so if you  dial their number without seeing their contacts that means your learning capacity is increased. this process increases your learning capacity.


3. Try to remember your dreams 

Friends try to remember your dreams after waking up in the morning. If you do this daily then it increases your remembering power. It is really a very effective process. it will benefits your brain in many ways. so friends must try this because when you do it then you feel its increadible benefits.


4. Meditation

Meditation is one the best practice to make our mind calm and fresh. Meditation is done by the peoples from the ancient time. In ancient time peoples get inlightment by doing meditation. Because through we can control and increases our brain power by many times. So do meditation daily at least for 10 minutes.


5. Try to solve complicated probems

Friends try to solve complicated problems in every subjects either it is maths or physics.If you do this then it pushes your brain capability. it will increases you intelligence, thinking capacity etc. As we know no one is born intelligent they are intelligent because they push their brain capability every time due to which their brain capability increases very much.


So friends i hope you all like this article about “Top 5 ways to increase the brain power”. Friends if you have any suggestions for this article then must comment in a comment box.

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