Top 5 best ways to increase your height very fast

Top 5 best ways to increase your height very fast: As everyone wants to grow tall and looks attractive. But we know our 90% of height depends on our gene. But with left 10% we can change or grow our height. So today i am going to share about the ‘Best ways to increase your height very fast’. 


Best ways to increase your height very fast

Height increasing

1. Do stretching

It is very important for increasing height very fast. As we know our height depends upon on our backbone so Whenever we do stretching exercises then it stretches our backbone and our height get increased. Some of the stretching exercises are – Hanging, Skipping, Running etc.


2. Taka proper sleep

Friends it is very important for everyone. Because our height is increased due to HGH hormone. And HGH hormone is released maximum in when we are sleeping. So if you can’t sleep well then less amount of HGH released and your height doesn’t grow well. So try to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours.


3. Take a healthy diet

It is the most beneficial point. As machine required petrols or electricity so just like this we need healthy diet. Healthy diet means the diet which contains all types of nutrients and vitamins which is good for us and promote our growth.


4. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Now smoking and alcohol is very common for youngster. I think 80% of today’s youngster at least smoked one times. But friends if you follow all the steps but you are addicted to smoke or alcohol then your height can’t grow well. Because smoke and alcohol stop the growth of our height.


5. Drink lots of water

Water is very sufficient for human body. It ia helping in the digestion of food which is indirectly connected with our height growth. Water also makes our body hydrated and remove all the toxic wastes from our body which is very beneficial for our height growth.


So friends i hope you all like this article about ‘Best ways to increase your height very fast’ so please keep visit here for more new and informative articles.

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