How to be a topper in the class


How to be a topper in the class: Hello everyone. Every students have a dream to be a topper in the class. So today i am going to share some amazing tricks if you follow it then i can’t guarantee you that you became a topper of your class but i guarantee you that your knowledge skills and learning power must be increased.


How to be a topper in the class

Tricks of study

1. Make a proper routine of study.

Friends firstly you have to make a proper routine of study and you must have to follow it. Suppose Friends you make the routine of studying 3 hours every day then you must have to study minimum 3 hours every day. It will increases your capacity of studying.


2. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best way to make our mind calm and fresh. And if our mind is calm then we can focus and concentrate on our studies very well. It is done by the people from the ancient time. Meditation also increases our thinking and learning capacity. So do meditation daily at least 5 minutes.


3. Try to understand everything not learn. 

It is a very important point. If you stated this then you will became the extraordinary. Your concept is going to be cleared. Your knowledge increased so much if you try to undunderstand about every thing.


4. Write your answer on the paper after learning

It is also a very effective point. Many students ignore it but friends this is the secret of many toppers that they write answer after learning it. It will increase our brain learning power. It will also increase the strength of our brain. So never ignore it. It will must benefits you.


5. Try to write the answer in your own language not by remembering it

Friends always understand everytopic and then write in your own language. There are so many benefits of it. It will increase your writing skill. It will increase your ununderstanding power. Your brain will be trained and you will write answer in any tough competition with youself.


So friends I hope you all like this article about ‘How to be a topper in the class’. If you have any questions must comment in a comment box.




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